Allgemeine Info zur HONDA FMX 650
By ArchivUser144
Hey there,

what´s the sound of the remus exhausts?!?

I still can´t wait to here ´em, because I want to buy the sebring-exhausts and they´re nearly the same!?!

Are you able to give me link to a sond-check of your ride.

...Sorry, I´m afraid my english is so good, as your german... :D
By ArchivUser161
Hey Slide,

The Sound is SUPER!!!

Standard you've got DB-killers, but mounted with one screw :D

The most of my colleges Supermotard-drivers will the same sound.

I try to make a smale movie with my Hp photosmart next weekend.

see you.
By ArchivUser33
Hye Tygercoene,

welcome to this forum :P

Are you allowed to drive without mirrors in belgium? Looks really good your bike.

By ArchivUser161
Here in Belgium we have no bikecontrols!

The governement is talking since 2001 about a bike control system.
Till today there is no control.

Last time is was standing before the redlights, whith a policemotard next to me...... no comment.

My backtire was like a slick (totaly UP), supersound (Remus without silencekiller in) en no mirrors.

But........ I didn't a Wheelie
By ArchivUser112
hi ho...

the link doesn´t work. check the spelling. if you´re able to, rename the file. make sure, that there are no free spaces in the filename, which may cause errors.


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