Allgemeine Info zur HONDA FMX 650
By ArchivUser161
sorry buth I'm from Belgium and.... I do speak German, but writing X(

Here I go ......

My bike is now 1jear and 1 month and I have already 2 new gearboxes placed !!!!!!!!!
in warranty .... thank god !!

Do anyone have same problem??????

I did wheelies in First gear and than Second gear and further in 3th gear.
About 300m wheelie .... not good for gearbox????????

Always problems with second gear where result for a shop visit!


By ArchivUser181
Hi Jean-Pierre,
this is really strange with your gearbox. Well, my bike is about 2 years old and i made only 4 K....but i didn´t get any problem with the gearbox. Good luck, Marco :)
By ArchivUser88
I don't think that wheelies can be a solution of your gearbox problems, because if you ride fast on a road with fast gear changes you got the same as doing a wheelie with stepping the gears up...
I'm at this forum for awhile, but i didn't here this problem. Maybe it comes from gear changes without using the clinch( Kupplung maybe it's the right word). I think this isn't good for the transmission of the FMX 650.
Maybe it would be the best if you contact your Shop Assistent or your mechanical and ask him what you could do wrong by riding your FMX.

Have fun and enjoy the forum.
By ArchivUser112
hi ho...

clutch is the word hondafan searched for. well...if someone is really switching the gears without using the clutch, he/she don´t have to wonder about a broken gearbox.


how long does it takes from mounting a new gearbox till emergence of new shifting problems ?

bad oil can´t be the cause....can it ?

better to find a solution until you´re out of warranty :D

By ArchivUser88
Yes Victim, this is a good point. Using a bad Oil can be also making trouble - but I think it isn't the only reason why he gots problems... ;)
By ArchivUser161
I asked already my mechanic. he thinks I touch my clutchpedal while I do a wheelie.

From 1st to second goes fast.... than I take high and speed berfore I go to 3th gear.
He thinks I hold my feet up to te clutchpedal while I'm waiting for 3th gear ????
It means, I almost make the gear change while I make speed .... result I damage the clutchfork and my 3th gear teethwheel.

I hope that is the problem, I look out for it now.

I always use my clutch for changing from one to an other gear.

I had problems, first after 8 months and 2nd after 4 months ...... 3 months to go ?(

He used nwo other oil than normaly .... special for wheelieman ?????

I will see!!
By ArchivUser112
hi ho... you shift with full throttle ?

or do you speed up -> uncouple while closing the trottle -> shifting -> couple while opening the throttle...?

if you shift while the throttle is fully opened, this could probably causes the problems.

well...i am not an mechanic but i can image that the gearwheeles may become broken, when they grip into each other while rotating with high speed.

it´s the same like switching into the first gear while still rolling with 30 km/h or so...that produces a big "CLACK" :D

By ArchivUser161
I took out the ECO-system and also the carteroilfilter (rightside)

Motor goes topie!!!!!!!!

Filterhouse 3x opening 30mm and snorkel out.


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