Hier findest du alle Tipps zum Thema Motor der FMX!
By ArchivUser381
Sorry i dont speak Germany,

I need some help with carburetor.
I have original 40mm Keihin carbretor in my FMX 650. Is there some Mixture Screw? "You know how much Gas it gets..."
If there is some mixture screw where it is in carburetor i cant found it. ?(

I would be very happy if someone could tell something. :rolleyes:

Uff I cannot help you there also, I to you however would unfortunately recommend the company Kehini mail to write.

Or otherwise times in google check.

With the original Keihin carb you shouldn't better remove the §snorkel" from the airbox. But maybe you can solve the problems by turning out the idle mixture screw ;)
Good luck!

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