Hier findest du alle Tipps zum Thema Motor der FMX!
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I have changed the filter (k&n) and the exhaust-system (leo's & ABP) at the same time, so I can't say if the filter only makes a big difference.
But ask Nikita, she has changed the filter and the rest is original.(make a PN)
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Sorry that i dont speak germany.
I have Honda FMX 650 with Leovince X3 exhaust.
I'm thinking to buy a K&N "luftfilter" air filter for my Honda FMX 650 and i have some question about it.

Does That K&n air filter make the engine "breath" better than the original?
Ofcourse it will breath better than original, but does that feel when you drive?
Difference about original vs K&N.
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